30 Top Level Letting Go And Moving On Quotes in Life


Here are some moving on quotes to give you courage and heal broken heart. There are times in life when bad things do happen to you and you are not able to handle the grief of such things and seem to stop living your life to the fullest. These are the times when coping up with your situation and allowing ...

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60 Cute Best Friend Quotes and Images – Inspiring BFF Quotes


A best friend is truly an integral part of your life. Here are some truly amazing best friend quotes for share with your friends and express your sentiments. Friendship is much like love; you have to be able to take care of the person whom you call his friend. Friends are there for the whole time, whether a person is ...

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40 Inspirational Leadership Quotes From Famous People

leadership quotes

We have collected some inspiring leadership quotes for you.  Leadership can be described as a process in which the leader exhibits power of social influence on other people allowing them to support each other and helping out each other to achieve a common task. Some people may also classify a leader as a person whom people follow and as someone who directs or ...

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25 Inspirational Education Quotes For Students And Teachers


Here are some education quotes which may reveal the importance of education which is given to it. Education in its general sense can be described as a form of learning for a particular individual in which the  skills, knowledge, and habits of several people are transferred from them to the next generation through training, teaching, or research. Although education can also be taken individually without taking ...

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35 Deep And Sad Depression Quotes About Being Alone


Here are some of the depression quotes which describe the words of many people on the feeling of depression. Depression is generally described as a state of low mood and the feeling of not being able to perform any kind of activity which can affect a person’s behavior, feelings, thoughts, and sense of well-being. The people who are depressed people may feel anxious, empty, hopeless, ...

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30 Famous Motivational Sports Quotes For Athletes

Sports quotes on practice

Here are some motivational sports quotes of many famous people about their feelings and views about sports. Sports is a combination of usually competitive physical activities which, through organized or casual participation, may improve physical skills and ability with the purpose of providing entertainment to participants, or spectators. Sports are played from the time human beings came into existence. Gradually many different kinds of sports ...

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35 Motivational Confucius Quotes About Life And Work


The famous old Confucius was a Chinese  editor, politician, teacher, and a philosopher of the Autumn and Spring period of the famous Chinese history. He was a great philosopher with his views affecting many schools of thoughts all over the world. The philosophy of Confucius precisely emphasized on governmental and personal morality, justice, correctness of social relationships and sincerity. The followers of Confucius were present in a ...

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