25 Heart Touching Mothers Day Poems 2021

Mothers Day is the day where people celebrate to honor their mothers and the feeling of motherhood, the maternal bonds, and the great influence of mothers in the world. The day is celebrated on different days on different parts of the world although the most common days occur in the spring. The celebration of this day first started in the United States during the start of the 20th century, and despite some of the confusion, it is not related to the celebrations of mothers which have been occurring throughout the world for a long time now.

On this day, people realize what their mothers have gone through all their life to bring up their children from when they were little to now when they can finally stand up for themselves. All those mothers provide their children with affection, love and support for their entire life, in the way sacrificing everything they can for their loved ones.

Many people express their love to their mothers on the Mother’s Day and what other way to do it if you can do it by poems. Many poems are available on the web which you can get by doing a little research on it. These poems can be written in a gift card or better yet, can be read to the mothers in person. These sweet and sentimental poems should touch your mother’s heart and may tell her that you have love for her in your heart. Your mother will surely consider and appreciate the emotions which are expressed in these mothers day poems 2021, and can help strengthen your relationship.

Mothers Day Poems 2021

Mom is such
A special word
The loveliest
I’ve ever heard,
A toast you,
Above all the rest
Mom, you are so special
You are simply,
The best.

mothers day poems

‘ A Mother’s Love ‘

Whose is the heart that burst with pride each time she sees your face.
Whose are the eyes that dart about, to check your world is safe.
Whose are the arms that wrap you up and hold you tight and close.
Whose is the love that’s always there whenever you need it most.

Whose is the smile that lights the room when you smiling too
Whose shoulder is the place to be, when only a cuddle will do.
Whose chest is warm and comforting when you’re a weary soul
Whose motivation only has your happiness as her goal.

Whose are the tears that cry for you as you grow old and free
Whose is the heart that aches so much, in the space where you should be.
Whose is the head that knows that you must find your path alone
Whose is the voice who welcomes you each time you go back home.

Who could have so many facets that make her oh so great
Who has you on her mind each day, and today we celebrate.
Whose hands hold and guide you, in a way unlike another
All these are part and parcel of the joys of being a mother.

mothers day poems

A mother laughs our laughter:
sheds our tears,
fear our fears.
She lives our joys.
Cares our cares, and
all our hopes and
dreams she shares.

mothers day poems

Dear Mom,
I will love you forever;
and forever you will be
The most wonderful mother,
You mean everything to me.

I thought of buying you the flowers
In the usual way,
But I knew you would prefer
A FOREVER bouquet!

mothers day poems

Happy mother’s day from far away!
As love her wings, it flies across the sea,
Passing seraphim alight with glee,
Placed in nooks on clouds along its way.
Years cannot such innocence betray,
Morning’s holy light perpetually
On fire within the heart, a pillar we
Then follow through the desert night and day.
Here, then, is my love, and as it lands,
Exchange it for a pigeon of your on,
Returning through the heavens what I once,
‘ere you were born, delivered to your door.
So are we eternal, though the sands,
Demand of us that piece that on loan,
As love renews, renews the ancient dance,
Yet dancing though the wide world be no more.

mother day poems

I will try my best
In every way
To be extra sweet
On Mother’s day.
But if you become
upset with me,
Please relax and
Have a cup of tea!

mother day poems

There is no one like a mother
And no mother quite like you.
You are so very thoughtful and caring,
And I just want to thank you Mother,
For making my life brighter.

mother day poems

For as long as I can remember
You were always by my side,
To give me support, confidence and help.

For as long as I can remember
You were always the person I looked up to,
So strong , so sensitive, so pretty.

For as long as I can remember
You always provided stability with in our family,
Full of laughter, full of tears, full of love.

For as long as I can remember
And still today,
You are everything a mother should be.

Whatever I have become is because of you
And I thank you forever for our relationship.

mother day poems

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.
Best Wishes Mum!

mother day poems

You are the other mother I received,
The day I wed your son
And I want to thank you mom,
For the loving things you’ve done.

You’ve given me a gracious man,
with whom I share my life
You are his lovely mother,
And I his lucky wife.

You used to pat his little head
and now I hold his hand
You raised in love a little boy,
And then gave me the man.

mother day poems

When a mommy hugs her children
She plants a seed of love
And all her wonderful kisses
Come from God above.

When mommy laughs and giggles
She plants a seed of joy
Like when she tickles your funny bone
Or plays with you favorite toy.

When a mommy tucks you in at night
She plants a seed of peace
She prays for God to bless you
With a sweet and restful sleep.

 When a mommy asks you to wait for things
A seed of patience is what she sows
For all the really good things in life
Take some time to grow.

When a mommy makes her favorite food
She plants a seed so kind
She knows when chicken soup is good for you
Or when you have cookies on your mind.

When a mommy washes all your clothes
Seeds of goodness she plants
She works so hard to scrub and scrub
So you will have clean shirts and pants.

Wen a mommy take care of you all day
Faithfulness is the seed she sows
She makes sure you have all you need
Like lots of good food and shoes on your toes

When a mommy rocks you in her arms
A gentle seed is planted deep
Sometimes she’ll sing you a little song
While in her arms you cry to sleep.

When a mommy tell you, ‘No, no, no.’
She plants a seed of self-control
For she knows not all things are good for you
So make sure you listen to what you’re told

But the greatest seed that a mommy plants
Is the seed of God’s great love
She wants you to know him just like she does
So that one day you both will live in heaven above.

mother day poem

” Wonderful Mother ”

God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine,
And he molded her heart of pure gold;
In the eyes He placed bright shinning stars,
In her cheeks fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And he gave that dear mother to me.

And Gradma’s too….

While we owner all our mothers
With words of love and praise.
While we tell about their goodness
And their kind and loving ways.
We should also think of Grandma,
She is a mother too, you see…
For she mothered my dear mother
as my mother mother’s me.

mother day poem

” First Mother’s Day ”

New mom
New fun
So blessed
This one.
Long nights
Short days
Go back?
No way!

mother day poem

When I think of those
I know and love
I can’t think of one
You don’t tower above.

You are better by far
Then all the rest
These four words say it all,
‘ Mom you are the best. ‘

mother day poem

Fingerprints, fingerprints everywhere!
On the windows and walls, even the chair!
You wipe them and scrub them and wash them away,
But on this card they are here to stay!
I love you mom! Happy mother’s day!

mother day poem

Thank you, mom
For giving me two things:
The first one is roots,
The second one is wings.

Happy Mother’s Day!

mother day poem

A mother’s love is something
That no one can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
And of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish
And enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
Or take that love away…
it is patient and forgiving
When all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
Even though the heart is breaking…
It believes beyond believing
When the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
Of the rarest, brightest gems…
It is far beyond defining,
It defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret
like the mysteries of creation…
A many splendored miracle
man cannot understand
And another wonderous evidence
Of God’s tender guiding hand.

mothers day

” Your eyes, calm as leaves in the frost,

Your eyes,sparked when I am

You eyes, seeing through me,
Your eyes, soft, gentle.

Your heart, with mine always,
Your heart, loving those who love you,
Your heart, forgiving me,
Your heart, happy, happy.

You voice, shooting my fears
Your voice, praising me,
Your voice Calming me,
Your voice, helping me.

mothers day

A mother in a far off land
When all seemed dark and drear
A mother to her precious five
When no loved ones were near

A mother when the daddy led
To lands they’d never seen
A mother when the frills were gone
And loneliness was keen

A mother when the bug bites bled
When sickness did abound
A mother’s touch was always near
Here hugs were all around

A mother when the call was changes
From here, to there, to home
A mother’s voice would say, ‘Yes,yes!’
No matter where they roamed

A mother when uncertain winds
Blew hard both day and night
A mother’s presence always there
To drive away the fright

A mother for eternity
Who’s pressing for the prize
A mother leading little five
To please the savior’s eyes

A mother who will one day stand
TO hear her savior say
‘ Dear mother, you have brought your five
To join you to this day

A mother faithful you have been
A crown you’ll surely wear
Your mother’s work you have done with joy
You’re all now in my care. ‘

A mother and her faithful man
Will take five precious hands
Home to never leave again
Forever on his land.

mothers day

When I was young, you helped me grow,
And taught me all I had to know

Of love and trust and faith and hope,
And everything it takes to cope.

You may have thought I didn’t hear,
Or maybe that you weren’t quite clear;

But all the things you taught to me
Were heeded very carefully,

And now I want to thank you for
Your love, your care, and so much more!

mothers day

Each color is needed to make a rainbow, each of her talents makes her my amazing mom!
She is Red
Red represents her energy, vitality, perseverance, and willingness to give for herself.
She is Orange
Orange stands for her thoughtfulness, consideration, persuasion and vibrancy
She is Yellow
Yellow demonstrates her optimist, concentration, integrity, and energy.
She is Green
Green represents her honesty, happiness, health, and in tune with the earth.
She is Blue
Blue represents her love, faith, healing, loyalty, and inspiration.
She is Purple
Purple represents her leadership, greatness, and unselfish efforts.

Alone, each color is striking, but when the colors come together, a larger more beautiful thing occurs.
A RAINBOW is created within my mom.
You are my Rainbow!
I love you, Mom!

mothers day

There are angels
Puts on this Earth
Who care for us and guide us.
You can feel their love and gentleness
As they walk through life beside us.

They do great things for us every day
They whisper in our ears,
They even hold us in their hearts
When we are filled with all our fears.

They are always there to give a hug
And try to make us smile.
They treat us with respect and love,
They treat us like their child.

God blessed me with an Angel,
I am proud to call my own.
She’s been with me throughout my
Life, been with me as I’ve grown.

She’s guided me the best she can ,
She has taught me like no other,
And I’m thankful I’m the lucky one
Who got to call her Mother.

mothers day

” The Better Prize ”

I see you’re tired when I get home.
You feel some days you’re all alone.
But what you’re doing is priceless, dear,
And one day you’ll back-one year.
Far from now when these kids are grown,
You’ll remember the days you spent at home.
Wiping noses, washing dishes,
Having tea parties, getting kisses.
Playing ball and tying shoes,
Dressing dolls and kissing boo boo’s,
Then you’ll look at me with tearful eyes
And know you got the better prize. ”

mothers day

29 thoughts on “25 Heart Touching Mothers Day Poems 2021”

  1. love the poems they are so Heart Touching and it makes you cry and realise what a mother actually is and what she has to do to make sure you live a lovely and kind life

  2. Mahian hossain sneha

    These are all the poems of those who love their mothers by the blessing of god they must be safe and secure and I myself say my mother is the best ever mother ……. Today I also say that happy mother’s day!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. this was ver sweet. it made me cry and realize that my mother does a lot for me. i will write some of these down on some ices of paper and give it to her. i am sure it will touch her heart and probably make her cry.

  4. My super ‘Super M-A-A,

    Sweet memory of sweet ‘M-A-A
    We have you always as our nicest M-A-A
    We are remembering everything
    You have done and left us.
    You leaves behind sweet loving memories of
    Love and kindness,joy and happiness
    We will be so sure to treasure forever to remember
    As long as our lives lasts.
    I for one, happy Mother’s Day 2014.

    Yours devoted son
    The Shafiullah.m.of FatickcharI.
    here in Mottram.

  5. The PAH I love , the pah I have,
    Thinking of you PAH ‘Moulana -Ena ‘of UKIL-BARI
    With love and affection
    It will live and last forever as long as
    Our lives lasts
    You will always be the best ‘ Moulana- Ena ‘ BABA ‘ to love
    I know
    I promise you that I will always be your son
    Wishing you the everything a perfect
    Fathers-Day filled with plenty of Joy and happiness.

    By : The shafiullah.M.of Fatickchari.

    Title of the poem : Best BABA To Love

  6. Shafiullah chowdhury

    There is a lovely face that always with me
    A voice we would love to hear
    We will never forget that voice
    We were feelings of emptiness and loneliness
    Will never go away
    “Allah-Paak” called you in His place and blessed you and his eternal love for you always
    We have you forever in our thoughts and prayers never be forgotten
    I pray for you Pah and rest in heavenly peace
    It will live and lasts as long as our lives lasts
    Good bye, it is very hard to say ,
    So let me, forward, wish for now,
    I love you Pah,
    Wish you ‘ Happy fathers Day

    The shafiullah.M.of Fatickchari.
    Name: The shafiullah.M
    Date: 20th June/ 2015.
    Title of the poem : Love You Pah!

  7. ” Happiest-Baba-To – Love ”

    In having a ‘ BABA’ like you, the one we love
    He is the one we wish for
    Our ‘BABA’ is a very lovely personality
    always kind and calm , cheerful and helpful too
    He is the one hold and guide to us for every minute of everyday
    Of the week.
    He is everything to us
    He always is there for us
    When we talk to our ‘ BABA ‘
    We really and truly feel more comfortable , warm inside
    The way he looks after us
    the way he loves us,
    He showed us the way
    How to reache our end goal
    He will try his absolute best in every way
    he possibly can do.
    He is just a lot happier, so happy being a ‘ BABA’
    Of three fantastic daughters. ” Ukil- Saafia, Dr. Faiza and
    Dr.Rahaymin Chy”.
    He is so proud of them’, Shafibhai says
    Joy for all of us , he Is a part and parcel of being a ‘ BABA’ to love
    We have a lot of love for him
    He is a great symbol, super ‘BABA’ in our hearts
    He is always there wherever we need his help,
    He lends a helping hand to all of us
    In “ABSARAH-Enayet ” family in Kanchanpur.
    He will be the ‘BABA’ to love
    We all Love, admire and respect him,
    Our love for him is more than ever
    Thank you ‘ BABA’ enjoy your perfect
    ‘ Happy Father’s Day filled with joy and laughter.
    We feel we have one of the happiest ‘ BABA’s’ in the world.

    By : The Shafiullah.M. Of Fatickchari,
    here in Mottram.

    Name: The shafiullah.M
    Title of the poem : happiest ‘BABA ‘ in the world.
    July 5 /2015.

  8. Fasting is the way of life.
    Fasting increases the longevity of our life.
    Fasting keeps up healthier and longer.
    Fasting is something to purify the body and soul.
    Fasting is most important things in human life.
    It is important in human life.
    None can deny it at all.
    So I love ‘ Roza’.and love of my life.
    Tomorrow Eid’ ,Eid is a joy for everyone in this global Village.
    Everyone enjoy the Eid-ul-Fitr.
    Safer the Eid -prayer all the countries of the world
    Muslim s enjoying Festival of Eid.
    Joy of this ‘ Eid-Festival’ is sharing happy times
    with every member of the family
    Happy- Eid- Mubarak to you all.
    By : The shafiullah .M.of Fatickchari.

    Title of the poem : Ramzan-A- Mubarak !
    July 16./ 2015.

  9. ‘ Eid-Ul-fit r’
    ‘Eid’ is the time to share with everyone
    ‘Eid’ is a kind of joyful festival
    Today is a day of ‘ Eid-Ul-Fitr’
    1stday of shawl Month.
    ‘Eid’is a kind of joyful festival.
    It comes twice a year, ‘Eid-Ul-Fitr’,and ‘Eid-Ul-Azha’
    First day of the month of Shawwal and tenth day
    Of the month of Hajj
    Whole Muslim world gets ready celebrate
    After the fasting time of Ramzaan end
    Every house has something for everyone
    Everyone is welcome and for many enjoying a
    Delicious food all day long
    I love ‘Eid’ , it is true
    One Muslim see another Muslim brother and say
    And greeting with embrace with each other
    It is such a beautiful occasion, a kind of joyful festival
    Really and truly.
    Perfect Happy Eid for everyone.

    By : The Shafiullah.M.of Fatickchari.
    July 17 / 2015.

  10. I loved this poem.this is the fantastic poem.
    I have ever read .
    I love reading.
    I like reading.
    This poem fabulously written.
    I worked very hard for it.
    But I feel much better.
    By : the shafiullah.M.of Fatickchari.

    July 23rd 2015.
    Title of the poem : love reading.

  11. Happy Birth Day Nanabhai ILYAS

    Hi ,You
    I am an old Man,
    Old enough to be your ‘ Nana-Bhai’
    I am gentle, mature enough, kind enough,
    Wise enough, honest enough so much more
    to my mate.
    Getting older and wiser was my achievement
    I am so kind and caring to
    I am lived a life as fine and comfortable any king
    who lever lived
    I am always helpful, a loving personality
    Wish you fantastic
    Happy Birth Day to my Nana Bhai.
    By : The Shakfiullah.M.of Fatickchari.
    Name: The Shafiullah.M.
    July 24 th /2015.

  12. Birthday celebration

    “Hi ! You,
    You are simply the super
    Here’s wishing you the best of everything in this global village
    Today is a day to celebrate, and it is your a very extra special
    Birthday to remember , so special, so thoughtful in every way
    Everything you need,
    Everything you wish for
    Everything really and truly you deserve most
    My loveliest sweet ‘ Baby’ daughter Rahaymin chowdhury
    You always had a lovely smile to share
    Your smile is so lovely
    All of us to share your beautiful smile together
    A daughter makes life sweeter than ever
    Your sweet smile and sparkle to our heart and soul
    Your Birthday filled with full of joy
    And brings the happy -life of happiness and golden prosperity
    In your future life,
    the life you have.
    Welcome to the house of “ABSARAH-Enayet-family in
    “Botha Ukil-Bari”
    May Allah-Paak always blesses you in HIS merciful eyes
    Keep an eye on you every moments of every day.
    You are really so cool,Kind and sharing and caring,too…
    Happy birthday to you,
    I am happy and proud to be there
    Small gift something really nicer than ever for you to
    Keep it in your keepsafe
    Lots of DOWAH.

    Yours Pah
    The Shafiullah.m.of Fatickchari.
    Sept 5/2015.

  13. You said : I love what you said.
    The poem you send your mum and Dad. Send to your friend and every one you know.
    They are really sweet poem for mother.we love our mother.she is the one so rare to find in this world.
    Her love stick to our heart as long as we live in this global village.
    Happy – Mothers -Day .
    The shafiullah.M.

  14. Momma of Pearls

    Since there’s nothing I could find
    That was worth giving you,
    I sat down to think a while
    And write a line or two

    If I had a magic wand
    I’d wave it just for you,
    And give you anything you’d like
    No matter how many or few

    If I could give you back the years
    You so willingly gave to me
    I’m sure that you spend them over again
    The same as they used to be

    Remember when those days and nights
    Instead of going to the fair
    I’d always say tell me again
    The story of the three little bears

    I tried to get a strawberry pie
    But they were out of season
    Then I thought of gold or pearls
    But knew there was no reason

    Although you are so often quiet
    There’s one thing we can say,
    You will always be our momma of pearls
    forever and a day…

    So here’s your gift; my sweet momma
    My heart; my soul; my love,
    My gift to you this Christmas day
    Came strictly from above

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