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Lego Ninjago is a part of the popular production by Lego. They used Ninjas from the series before and there were many changes made. Some changes were major, like the removal of Shogun and Bandits followed by introducing Skulkin, Serpentine, Anacondrai Cultists, Stone Army, Nindroid Army, and Ghost Warriors.

In this article, we will go through some of the best Ninjago Coloring Pages. These would include parts of the series and it would show you all the latest scenes. At present, even dragons have taken up a significant role. There is an ‘Elemental Dragon’ for each ninja. Though, they all flew off to Spirit Coves and assembled into one four-headed Ultra Dragon. It was then taken by the Green Ninja while Ninjago was introduced to the Golden Dragon.


If you have been following this series, you well obviously know how the stories flow. This will also make the Ninjago Coloring Pages interesting for you to use. These coloring pages are not only for kids but for adults too. They can take some time to work on these and feel a little relaxed. These could also be used to make some nice time of bonding with children.

Ninjago Coloring Pages has all the black and white snaps of Ninjago. These have been designed in such a way that you will like to print them and fill them with colors. If you have been seeing the show, you will know the exact colors the pictures would need. This will also help your child recall scenes and remember the names of colors.

Get these Ninjago Coloring Pages printed and have them set in front of your child. Let him pick and the choose the one he likes and then you can instruct him to put the correct colors in the correct spaces.

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