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40 Best Examples of Dragon Tattoos

japanese-dragon-art tattoo

Many people have tattoos on their skins for several reasons including marks of the persons’ status and rank, decorations for bravery, marks for sexual lures, symbols of spiritual and religious devotion, and symbols of pledges of love, fertility, amulets, punishment, and talismans. Tattoos are not just merely a symbol for a person but have much deeper connection […]

20 Stylish and Cute Nail Designs

designs 2014

Nail designs are part of fashion for a long time. Even quite a long time ago, people especially women used different designs in order to make their nails look more appealing to people. This tradition of nail designing has been carried in the current generation, and from the looks of it, will definitely continue in […]

25 Beautiful Wedding Cakes Pictures

amazing wedding cake

Serving a wedding cake is the tradition which has been followed for a long time now. This cake is served at wedding receptions after dinner, however in some parts in England, the cake is instead served at the wedding breakfast, which takes place on the morning after the actual ceremony. Depending on the wedding, the wedding cakes ranges in size and […]

40 Stunning Tattoos For Women


A tattoo allows your body to undergo a process of modification, allowing you to get a design on any of your body part which remains forever or temporarily according to your choice. The art of tattooing has now been practiced for many centuries in many cultures throughout the world. The history of tattoos is quite old, ranging back […]