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25 Adorable Siberian Tiger Pictures


The Siberian tiger which is also sometimes referred to as the Amur tiger is one of the tiger species which lives mainly in the Sikhote Alin mountain region. The Siberian tigers have also got some of them living in southwest of the Primorye province located in the Russian Far East. These animals are not included in the endangered species list, however no efforts done […]

25 Amazing Flying Fish Pictures


The Flying Fish or the family of Exocoetidae in science is the collection of over 64 species which are grouped together in nine genera. As the name goes, the members of this family have the ability to make powerful leaps out of the sea or river, wherever they are into air, with their long fins which are wing-like, allow them […]

40 Beautiful Tropical Fish Pictures


Tropical fish are generally referred to as the fish species which are found in environments which are tropical, which includes both salt water and freshwater species. One of the most differentiating features of tropical fish is its bright coloration, which is one of the main reasons why these are quite popular as serving as an aquarium fish. In fish which are found in freshwater, […]