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25 Mind Blowing Killer Whale Pictures


The killer whale which is also sometimes called the blackfish or orca whale or simply orca, is a toothed whale which belongs to the family of oceanic dolphin. These killer whales have been known to be found in every ocean in the world. These fishes are known to kill many types of other fish species although some kinds of killer whales have […]

35 Cute Pictures of dogs


Dogs have remained man’s friend for a long time now. The relationship between a man and his dog is stronger than ever. The dog of a family is treated as a regular family member and is loved by everyone in the family and furthermore sometimes owning a dog sometimes completes a family. Not only are […]

20 Charming Birds of Paradise Pictures


The birds of paradise are bird species which are found in New Guinea and several nearby places along with Maluku Islands and Australia’s eastern portions. This family has exactly forty one species in them which are best known for the finding of plumage of the family’s majority males, especially the highly elaborate and elongated feathers which extend from the wings, beak, tail or head. […]

25 Cute Baby Elephant Pictures


Elephants are extremely large mammals which are found in many parts of the world, although they are broadly categorized as the African elephant and Asian elephant as they are mostly found in these two continents. At one point of time in this world, there were other families of elephants including mammoths and mastodons. These are very useful animals with […]