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25 Cute Baby Elephant Pictures


Elephants are extremely large mammals which are found in many parts of the world, although they are broadly categorized as the African elephant and Asian elephant as they are mostly found in these two continents. At one point of time in this world, there were other families of elephants including mammoths and mastodons. These are very useful animals with […]

35 Attractive Easter Pictures


Easter is a Christian holiday festival which is celebrated on the resurrection of the Jesus Christ, according to the beliefs of Christians on the third day after the crucifixion as explained in the New Testament. Furthermore, this festival is preceded by Lent, which is named after a period of forty days which involved prayer, fasting, and penance. The holiday is actually moveable, which means that […]

25 Beautiful Wedding Cakes Pictures

amazing wedding cake

Serving a wedding cake is the tradition which has been followed for a long time now. This cake is served at wedding receptions after dinner, however in some parts in England, the cake is instead served at the wedding breakfast, which takes place on the morning after the actual ceremony. Depending on the wedding, the wedding cakes ranges in size and […]

25 Adorable Cat Pictures


Animals are a beautiful creation of God.There are several species of animals in the world. Some are wild and some are domestic. Domestic animals have lots of importance in human lives. Cat is among the most famous animals in the world. There are several types of cats that are commonly found in all kinds of […]